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Most vehicles qualify for FREE installation. Please use our instant quote page to determine your install fee.
The Draeger XT uses fuel cell technology. The interlock will detect ALL forms of alcohol, including; Mouthwash, Cold Medications, Asthma Medications, Perfumes, Colognes, Hairspray, Nail Polish Remover, Air Fresheners, Listerine, Toothpaste, Hand Sanitizers, Lysol/Pine-sol, and any other substance that contains alcohol. Currently every interlock on the market utilizes fuel cell technology and ALL will detect the above contaminants
Approximately 45 minutes on the majority of vehicles. Push button ignition systems vary from 1 hour – 3 hours.
You can allow other licensed drivers to drive the vehicle as long as your monitoring agency is okay with it; however, you will be responsible for any violations that appear on the monthly report.
Please give your shop our office number (505-449-1700) and we can get the technicians a 1 hour code to enter into the unit to allow them to repair your vehicle. It is also required that you obtain documentation verifying the date & time that you drop your vehicle off, and the date & time that you pick up the vehicle.
Draeger maintains service centers in many states. Please contact us in advance if you are concerned and we will provide you with a list of service centers.
The first thing you need to do is provide the retest 5 minutes after the failure. If you are on probation it is very important that you notify your supervising officer immediately. Even if it is after hours or the weekend you should call and leave a voicemail. Many probation offices require an ETG test to be performed soon after the fail. Quest Diagnostics provides these tests. Pay extra attention to your interlock display as it will have a lockout timer (in days) and bring the vehicle in for service at our center prior to lockout. If you are not on probation ensure that your vehicle is not in "lockout" mode and come in on your next regularly scheduled service.
NM State Law and Administrative Code mandate when an interlock can be removed. Please contact our office 505-449-1700 prior to your desired removal date so that we can verify what documents will be required (if any).