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Step by Step: Obtaining an Interlock License

Step 1: Verify you're eligible

Prior to beginning this process it's important to know whether or not you're eligible for an interlock license. If you've recently been arrested for a DWI and you had a license in good standing immediately prior to that you are likely eligible. If it's been more than 5 years, or you have out of state holds for tickets, fines, DWI's or an out of state or in state hold for child support you should contact the DWI Compliance Unit prior to proceeding.

Step 2: Installation & Documentation

Prior to obtaining an ignition interlock license you must have an interlock installed. The MVD will verify your Interlock Contract (received at installation), proof of insurance with your name on it (either as policy holder or driver), Interlock License Affidavit (provided at our office) and the MVD required documents for a Driver's License found here

Step 3: A trip to MVD

After you've installed the interlock and gathered all documents described in step two you need to visit (in person) any MVD Field Office or authorized center such as MVD Now or MVD Express. The interlock license fee is $113 at any field office or $113 + convenience fee at MVD Now or MVD Express.